Honouring Loyalty - A little Thank You from Celsus

Recognising dealers who support top brands in Car Audio

As the curtains drew on 2023, we found ourselves reflecting on the invaluable support and loyalty shown by our dealers towards our exceptional brands: Kicker Audio, Morel Hifi, Dynamat, and Wavtech. To express our gratitude and admiration for their commitment, we wanted to give a little something back to those who have continually supported these brands. Join us as we shine a spotlight on the dedication and passion shown by some of our outstanding dealers.

ASC Audio: A Kicker Audio Enthusiast

The first of our appreciation awards goes to Alex at ASC Audio, a true example of dedication to the Kicker Audio brand. Not only does Alex serve as a great ambassador for Kicker Audio, but his tireless efforts in creating exceptional content is beyond impressive! From regular social media updates to a staggering output of 4-5 YouTube videos per week. His decision to take on a second member of staff (shout out to you Dan) further shows his commitment to nurturing the next generation of audio enthusiasts. Check out Alex socials below!

Youtube - www.youtube.com/@AlexCarter-AscAudio/videos
Facebook - www.facebook.com/ascaudio
Instagram - www.instagram.com/ascaudio


John Kleis Car Audio: A great ambassador for Morel Hifi

Next on our list is the fantastic team at John Kleis Car Audio. After obtaining distribution for Morel, we were confident that this brand would perfectly complement their offerings. One standout project from last year was the remarkable system they crafted for Paul Wallace of Supercars of London. This showcased their knowledge and fabrication skills in transforming automotive audio experiences. 

You can read more and watch a video of that project here

Fun fact - did you know that the Morel Virtus Nano holds the title for the world's shallowest car audio speaker, a mounting depth of just a mere 17mm!


Car Builder Solutions: Dynamat Excellence

For our Dynamat accolade, we turn our attention to Car Builder Solutions, a perfect destination for classic car enthusiasts. Their constant support for Dynamat, the industry leader in vehicle sound deadening and insulation, has been nothing short of exceptional. With each order they place, Car Builder Solutions reaffirms their commitment to quality and performance, ensuring that their customers receive nothing but the best!

Discover why Dynamat remains unrivaled in its effectiveness through our informative resource here.


Car Audio Centre: Embracing Innovation with Wavtech

Last but certainly not least, we commend the team at Car Audio Centre for their support of the innovative Wavtech brand. Founded by industry veteran Mike Morris, Wavtech addresses common challenges faced by installers with its cutting-edge solutions. Recognising the immense value these products offer in preventing future issues, Car Audio Centre has been a steadfast advocate since day one.


In celebrating the dedication and loyalty of our dealers, we not only express our gratitude but also reaffirm our commitment to 'delivering enjoyment'. As we look towards the future, we're inspired by the passion expressed by our partners, driving us to success. Join us in saluting these remarkable individuals and businesses who continue to shape the 12v automotive industry with their dedication and expertise.