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Since 1957 Calearo Group has created advanced technologies for communication. Thanks to its R&D department, one of the most advanced in Europe, Calearo Group provides cutting edge solutions for transmitting and receiving fixed and mobile transmissions, for original equipment (OE) and aftermarket, automotive and industrial consumer. Supplying a host of the world’s most recognised car manufacturers, Calearo Antennas are chosen where performance is paramount. With antenna solutions for AM/FM, DAB/DAB+, DVB-T, GPS. GSM and WIFI the Calearo range addresses all market needs. Their mission is to innovate, experiment and deliver technologies which are able to connect the world and improve the quality of life.

2021 saw an overhaul to the Calearo Antenna range. We have summarised the changes below to help guide you to the antenna perfect for you.

ANC7697015AM/FM DUAL Amplified Screen Mount Antenna - DIN    
ANC7697018AM/FM DUAL Amplified Screen Mount Antenna - Fakra    
ANC7137134Digital Radio Internal On-Glass Rubber Antenna    
ANC7677929Digital Radio Internal Glass Mount Antenna    
NEWANC7137122ANC7137126DVB-T Internal Glass Mount Antenna    
ANC7667012AM/FM Flexible Wing or Pillar Mount Antenna - Heavy Duty    
ANC7677153AM/FM Universal Wing Antenna with Telescope - Chrome    
ANC7677154AM/FM Electric Wing Mount Antenna - Silver Mast    
ANC7677155AM/FM Electric Wing Mount Antenna - Black Mast    
ANC7651006AM/FM Roof Mount Antenna    
ANC7657008AM/FM Universal Front Roof Mount Antenna    
ANC7657009AM/FM Ford Front Roof or Pillar Mount Antenna    
ANC7667010AM/FM Flexible Roof Mount Whip Antenna - Heavy Duty    
NEWANC7677840ANC7677941AM/FM, Digital Radio & GPS Roof Mount Whip Antenna  
NEWANC7677845AM/FM, Digital Radio & GPS Roof Mount Antenna - Short Whip   
NEWANC7677850ANC7677932AM/FM & Digital Radio Roof Mount Whip Antenna   
NEWANC7677855ANC7677947AM/FM & Digital Radio Roof Mount Antenna - Short Whip   
NEWANC7677860ANC7677913Digital Radio Roof Mount Whip Antenna    
NEWANC7677872ANC7677944AM/FM Roof Mount Whip Antenna - Phantom Feed    
NEWANC7677874ANC7677901AM/FM Roof Mount Whip Antenna - Dedicated Feed    
NEWANC7677876ANC7677918AM/FM Roof Mount Anti-Theft Whip Antenna - Phantom Feed    
NEWANC7677880ANC7677900AM/FM Roof Mount High Angle Whip Antenna - Dedicated Feed    
NEWANC7677882ANC7677908AM/FM Roof Mount Low Angle Whip Antenna - Passive    
NEWANC7677810ANC7677940AM/FM, Digital Radio & GPS Shark II Antenna  
NEWANC7677815ANC7677937AM/FM & Digital Radio Shark II Antenna   
NEWANC7677820ANC7677942Digital Radio Shark II Antenna    
NEWANC7677825ANC7727055AM/FM & GPS Shark II Antenna   
NEWANC7677830ANC7727050AM/FM Shark II Antenna    
NEWANC7727082ANC7727080AM/FM & DVB-T Shark II Antenna   
NEWANC7727083ANC7727085AM/FM, DVB-T & GPS Shark II Antenna  
NEWANC7677500AM/FM, Digital Radio, GPS & LTE Shark 3 Antenna 
NEWANC7677510AM/FM, Digital Radio & GPS Shark 3 Antenna  
NEWANC7677520AM/FM & Digital Radio Shark 3 Antenna   
NEWANC7677955ANC7677950AM/FM & Digital Radio Internal Bumper Fibreglass Film Antenna   
NEWANC7757001ANC7750005GPS Magnetic Mount Antenna    

To try and make wiring a new antenna as simple as possible all Fakra connectors are now colour coded. In this table you will find what colour Fakra corresponds to each signal type and the extension lead we would recommend for your installation.

*You will see ANC7581012 appear more than once. This lead includes interchangeable Black, Blue and Waterblue Fakra housings making it suitable in multiple situations.

**The ANC7581195 terminates in a universal Waterblue Fakra connection. If your DVB-T device requires an F type connection then our adaptor ANC7581157 is also required.

AM/FMWhiteANC7581185DIN Male
DABBlackANC7581012*SMB Female
GPSBlueANC7581012*SMB Female
DVB-TGreenANC7581195**Fakra Female
LTEBordeauxANC7581116FME Female
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