The Worlds SHALLOWEST Car Audio Speaker


Morel Virtus Nano speakers have revolutionized the audio industry, combining cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and unparalleled sound quality in an extremely compact package. In this blog post, we'll explore why these speakers are worth considering for your audio setup.

Space saving design

Measuring a fraction of conventional speakers, the Virtus Nano speakers can be discreetly installed in various locations without sacrificing performance. They have a mounting depth of just 17mm... yes you read that right, seventeen millimetres! Whether you mount them on a wall, integrate them into a car audio setup, or use them in an internal marine application, their versatility is endless.


Ease of installation!

The Virtus Nano speakers are designed for a user-friendly installation. With their compact size and universal mounting options, they seamlessly integrate into any setup. There are multiple different options to choose from including a 3-way component set-up (pictured below) a 2-way component (6.5 inch or 4 inch) plus both a 6.5 and 4 inch point source option.

Point source is similar to a coaxial, but places the tweeter at the base of the woofer cone, rather than above it. Sound radiates from both sources simultaneously. The result is smooth and natural frequency response


The possibilities are endless!

When you think about it, the mere 17mm depth opens up a world of mounting options. From boot lids and kick panels to dashboards, A-pillars, van conversions, doors with minimal space, and even snug corners inside boat cabins — the options are limitless.

Pictured here on the left is a set of 6.5 Virtus Nano Integras Unique Integrations installed in the tailgate of a VW T6.1

Final thoughts

Morel Virtus Nano speakers redefine what's possible in the world of audio technology. With exceptional sound quality that rivals larger counterparts, compact size, and ease of installation, they cater to audiophiles, car enthusiasts, and anyone seeking an immersive audio experience. Upgrade your audio setup with Morel Virtus Nano speakers – the pinnacle of innovation and audio excellence.

Protected! The design of these speakers is pateneted (Registered U.S Pat. No. 11,057,696)