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Dynamat Xtreme

Big engines mean big power, but with big power comes lots of noise and vibration. Dynamat Xtreme dampens engine noise and vibration, and brings taking your favourite toy for a spin to a whole new level.

Celsus is one of the top Dynamat Xtreme stockists, offering car and boat enthusiasts noise and vibration dampening for doors, boots, and other components. Browse all Dynamat Xtreme products below.

What is Dynamat Xtreme?

Dynamat Xtreme is one of the best noise and vibration dampening products on the market today. Its combination of an aluminium constraining layer and an extra sticky butyl layer gives it incredible energy converting capabilities, significantly reducing noise pollution and vibration from engines and speakers.

What can Dynamat Xtreme be used for?

Dynamat Xtreme is used to stop noise and vibration. It can be applied to interior sheet metal and fibre glass body panels, with specific kits for speakers, doors, and boots. In addition to noise dampening for cars and boats, Dynamat Xtreme can be used to provide heat and noise reduction in home appliances, computer equipment, and machines.

What are the benefits of Dynamat Xtreme?

Dynamat Xtreme comes with the following benefits:

• It reduces road noise
• It reduces vibrations, rattles, and buzzes
• It reduces sound distortion
• It’s easy to apply
• It easily moulds to the shape of sheet metal and other hard materials
• Its performance is optimised for temperatures ranging between -10 and 60 degrees
• It can withstand temperatures ranging from -54 degrees, to 149 degrees

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