Popular Youtuber gets a Morel Hifi system

In the realm of automotive enthusiasts and YouTube influencers, Paul Wallace of Supercar Of London stands out as a prominent figure with a deep passion for high-performance cars. Recently, he took his Audi R8 to the next level with a Morel Hifi car audio upgrade! The team behind this transformation was none other than the renowned John Kleis Car Audio, one of the longest standing UK car audio specialists.

While the car already boasted a Bang and Olufsen audio upgrade, he sought an even more immersive experience that could match the power and precision of his high-performance vehicle.

Choosing Morel Hifi for for an Unparalleled Sound

Enter John Kleis Car Audio! A name synonymous with expertise in UK car audio installations. Working closely with Paul, they decided to swap out the existing Bang and Olufsen system for a full Morel Hifi setup. Morel is renowned for its commitment to audio excellence, making it the perfect choice for someone like Paul who values superior sound quality.


The heart of this audio upgrade lies in the carefully selected components. John Kleis installed the Morel Elate Carbon 3-way speakers, known for their clarity and precision. These speakers were placed in OEM locations to optimize the in-car listening experience. The idea behind this install was 'OEM plus' so the primary objective was to maintain an appearance as close to factory as possible.


To handle the low frequencies, an Ultimo 10-inch subwoofer found its home in a meticulously crafted custom enclosure, a masterpiece shaped through countless hours of skilled work by Simon, one of the installers at John Kleis. This addition promised to deliver the deep, powerful bass that car audio enthusiasts crave, enhancing the overall audio experience of the Audi R8. Whilst we mentioned above about maintaining the factory appareance, after you see this enclsoure we think you'll understand why this was put on show... it's a work of art! Still maintaining that factory look as the contours of the box follow the interior and it was wrapped in genuine Audi vinyl.


Driving it all is a 5-channel MPS amplifier, responsible for efficiently distributing power to the entire audio system. This amplifier not only ensures a balanced soundstage but also complements the performance-oriented nature of the Audi R8. It was installed behind the passenger seat, in place of the factory B&O amp which was relocated.

The video below by John Kleis delves deeper into the process of mounting the amp and provides additional insights on the components used

Perfecting The Acoustics with Dynamat

Recognising the importance of acoustics, John Kleis incorporated Dynamat Xtreme sound deadening throughout the interior. This step was crucial to eliminate unwanted vibrations and external noises, creating a beautiful listening experience within the Audi R8. The Dynamat solution aligns with the precision and attention to detail that both Paul and John Kleis  are known for.

Dynamat uses a process called ‘damping’ – which in simple terms – is the process of restraining vibration (noise) by dissipating or using up the energy causing those vibrations. Dynamat converts the movement of the vibration and turns it into silent low-grade thermal energy.

The unique VECTOR™ Chemistry of Dynamat increases its ability to convert dynamic motion into silent energy.

No other material utilizes VECTOR™ technology!


The Result
The completion of this Morel Hifi upgrade has transformed Paul Wallace's Audi R8 into a mobile concert hall. Every bass drop and every high note now play with unparalleled clarity and power. The collaboration between us, Paul and John Kleis Car Audio showcases the potential to merge high-performance vehicles with audiophile-grade sound systems, creating an experience that appeals to both car enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Both Paul and John Kleis documented the whole process from beginning to end. You can watch these videos below

  1. Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pack (3.34 SqM)
    Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pack (3.34 SqM)
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