The Advantages of Dynamat: Superiority Over Cheaper Alternatives

When it comes to soundproofing and improving the acoustic performance of your vehicle, Dynamat stands in a league of its own. While cheaper alternatives may seem tempting, the benefits of investing in Dynamat are unmatched. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages that Dynamat offers over its cheaper counterparts




There is a misconception that the best way to remove vibrational noise (resonance) created in a substrate (metal, fibre-glass, GRP etc.) is by adding heavy sound deadening products.


This is known as “mass loading” and is a very inefficient way of trying to solve the problem of structural noise. It unnecessarily adds weight to the vehicle/ boat (not ideal) and usually uses materials that contain bitumen and other unknown substances that may not be safe for use in a vehicle or on water vessel. These products tend to be quite thick (over twice our products thickness & weight), hard to install and carry an odour (this is the chemicals within them ‘gassing’ as the temperature of the environment changes).

Do you want your car to end up like this?

These inadequate materials are usually made in process which involves a melting of compound and it being rolled in to sheets so you get an inconsistent thickness and when exposed to temperature they can expand and contract (and in some extreme cases melt). These copymat products tend to have very poor adhesion (it is imperative this doesn’t fail) and can dry out and crack over time rendering them useless for the application in which they’ve been put.

No comparison
Dynamat Xtreme is a constrained-layer damping material which includes a patented chemical formula utilising VECTOR ® chemistry. This chemistry converts the noise (kinetic energy) into molecular level low-grade heat (thermal energy). There is science behind our products, we are not just simply adding weight to a panel.

Actual data

Unlike mass-loading there is a way to measure and determine performance with Damping. This measurement is known as “acoustic loss factor”. The acoustic loss factor “n” is used as a measure of ability to damp structure-borne sound. It states how much vibrational energy (in steel sheets for instance) is converted to heat rather than sound.


So what exactly is Dynamat made of?
Dynamat Xtreme is a combination of an extruded butyl (this is where the VECTOR chemistry sits) fused to a 4mil branded aluminium top layer. The overall thickness is only 1.7mm. The butyl is an adhesive in itself and fuses so well with the substrate that adhesion will never fail. We know exactly what materials are used in our product, it’s odourless and does not have a shelf life. The fact that the butyl is an extrusion means that it was not change state when exposed to temperature ensuring consistency of thickness, performance and longevity. As the product is optimized for performance it is not unnecessarily thick and therefore extremely easy to work with as it conforms to panel deviations and does not require heating to be malleable.

Image courtesy of Pro Audio Tychy


When it comes to soundproofing and enhancing your vehicle's acoustic performance, Dynamat outshines cheaper alternatives in every aspect. Its exceptional sound damping capabilities, superior thermal insulation, enhanced audio quality, and long-lasting durability make it a worthwhile investment. Dynamat offers peace of mind and ensures that you achieve the best possible results. Don't compromise on sound insulation and audio excellence - choose Dynamat for a truly immersive and enjoyable driving experience.