Best Boat Upgrade Ideas for the Winter Maintenance Season

With the 2021 summer season coming to an end, we’ve got some great boat upgrade ideas that’ll make your boat the envy of everyone in the marina.

From weather-proof source units that power your speakers with high quality sound to fishing rod holders that do the hard work while you chill out with a glass of wine, Celsus has some great ideas for your boat upgrade. If you’re looking for cool accessories to tinker with during the colder months, then check out our other guide – but these are the upgrades you need to really impress your friends down the marina come next May.

The best boat upgrades for the winter maintenance season

Combining data from our website and trend data from previous seasons, we’ve compiled this list of boat upgrade ideas for the upcoming winter period. Our top seven boat upgrade ideas are:

  1. JL Audio Marine Source Unit
  2. Bimini Tops
  3. Snap-In Carpet
  4. LED Subwoofers
  5. Wakeboard Tower
  6. Wakeboard Tower Speaker
  7. Fishing Road Holders

The best boat upgrade ideas: Everything you need to know

1.JL Audio Marine Source Unit

Best boat upgrade for music enthusiasts


Your boat may not have been brand new when you bought it, but you can still upgrade that factory-fitted radio unit to brand spanking new. These days, it’s all about playing your favourite tunes, and the JL Audio Marine Source Unit allows you to plug in your favourite playlists, thanks to both USB and AUX connectivity.  With an ultra-modern, weather-proof coloured display, the JL Audio Marine Source Unit is as snazzy as it is practical, making it the perfect boat upgrade.

2.Bimini Tops

Best boat upgrade for shade enthusiasts

boat upgrade ideas: Bimini Top

The flybridge– an excellent place to enjoy champagne and cocktails. Unlike the seating area at the stern, the flybridge is often exposed, making it too hot to really enjoy that refreshing drink – and if it starts raining, then your party will just get wet.  A Bimini Top is a simple way to get that shade and rain protection. Bimini tops are available in a range of widths and are designed to clamp onto your boat railings. They’re suitable for motorboats, cruisers, fishing boats and RIBs.

3. Snap-In Carpets

Best boat upgrade for an interior revamp

Best boat upgrade ideas: snap-in carpet

Whether it’s a spillage from a meal with friends and family or marks from traipsing in and out with wet, sandy feet, the carpet is one of the first parts of the interior to show signs of wear and tear. Thanks to the innovative invention of snap-in carpets, it’s now super-easy for you to replace your carpet. Attached to the cabin floor by little rivets and poppers, upgrading your boat carpet is as easy as removing the old carpet, and popping in the new one.

4. LED Subwoofers

Best boat upgrade for party people

boat upgrade idea: LED Subwoofer

Subwoofers themselves are already a great boat upgrade, but when you add LED lighting into the mix, they really can take your boat to the next level. We stock a great range of LED subwoofers and have a variety of LED colours for you to choose from. Available in a range of sizes, the subwoofer should be able to fit into one of your original speaker settings, making it an easy enough installation job for someone who's familiar with speaker wiring.

5.Wakeboard Tower

Best boat upgrade for thrill-seekers

Best unit for VW T5 Campervans

Possibly one of the easiest boat upgrades to carry out, purchasing a wakeboard tower will instantly take your boat from a cruiser to the ultimate toy. A must for any speedboat owner, a wakeboard tower will have you and your friends messing around at sea and down the river in no time. Not just for wakeboarding, a wakeboard tower is ideal for towing paddleboards and dinghies, meaning you can get straight to playtime on a sunny day.  

6.Wakeboard Tower Speaker

Best boat upgrade for sound enthusiasts   

best boat upgrade ideas: wakeboard tower speaker

So you’re looking to bring that blast of sound to the back of the boat? A wakeboard tower speaker is a great way to do it, especially if you don’t want to mess around with your existing speaker system. With the option to add LED lighting, you can really get the party going – and when you’ve got your mate wakeboarding at the back, it’s not just your boat that’s upgraded – but play time, too. You can explore our full range of tower speakers online!

7.Fishing Rod Holders

Best boat upgrade for catching dinner

Best head unit for bass

While you’re moored up in your favourite spot up the estuary, you may as well see if you can catch some dinner. With the SeaSucker fishing rod holders, you can leave all the hard work to the holders and enjoy a cool drink with the people onboard – if that isn’t a great boat upgrade, we don’t know what is. SeaSucker has a great range of equipment that can easily help you to upgrade your experience on the boat – whether it’s a cupholder or a chopping board!

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