Looking to upgrade your boat speakers? These are your questions answered

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what improvements you’d like to make to your boat while it hibernates in the marina over winter.

Your boat speakers are one of the easiest parts to upgrade – and thankfully Celsus is a leading stockist of some of the biggest boat speaker names. With multiple speaker sizes available, replacing your old speakers with your new ones should be easy enough for anyone who’s a dab hand at electronics. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions around fitting boat speakers. For more inspiration on what to upgrade this winter, take a look at our boat upgrades inspo guide.

Boat Speaker Upgrade Advice

Here we answer some of your burning questions.

How many watts do you need for your boat speakers?

When you’re motoring along, there’s a fair amount of background noise to contend with, which is why you need to think about investing in an amp that throws our a fair amount of power - then a set of speakers that can handle it! We recommend that you choose speakers that can handle around 50 to 75 watts RMS. If you’re working with a large motor yacht, you may want to look at more than 75 watts.

Celsus stocks speakers that range from handling 40 watts RMS for smaller vessels to 150 watts RMS and over for the largest of vessels. To pack the biggest punch, opt for the Kicker Marine Coaxial Speaker System. The speakers come in either white or charcoal grey, handle 150 watts of power, and offer up a seven-colour LED system to help bring the party vibes.

Can marine speakers get wet?

Yes - unlike car stereo speakers, marine speakers have been designed to withstand harsh sea conditions.

Even our best value speaker range, which includes Caliber Marine’s 2-way coaxial speakers, benefit from UV protection and IP56 water-resistance properties to ensure they last season after season. Some of our speakers boast water resistance properties above the requirements set out by the standards agency, ensuring not only the highest quality sound but the highest quality performance. From thick fog, to blazing sunshine, marine speakers are especially designed to cope.

Do marine speakers have bass?

While your factory-fitted speakers will provide a certain amount of bass, you’ll need to give your whole boat speaker system an upgrade if you’re looking to increase it. Many people think that by attaching an amp to the radio unit, they’ll receive instant bass, but all you’ll end up doing is blowing your speakers.

To give your marine speaker system that extra bass, invest in a compatible amp and subwoofer (a subwoofer that can cope with the additional power), then ensure other sound levels are catered for with a mix of general coaxial speakers and tweeters. Investing in a subwoofer takes the low pitch pressure off your general speakers, giving you a clearer overall sound.  

Do I need an amp for my boat tower speakers?

Yes. Your boat tower speakers are built for blasting sound across the waves. Your radio unit alone won’t output enough power to do them any justice. For example, the Kicker Marine 11” Horn Tower system requires a massive 150 – 300W of RMS power to get them going. That’s some significant amplifying.


Celsus is a leading stockist of boat speaker systems


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