Best Car Accessories and Equipment for your 2021 Road Trip

What are the most popular car accessories of 2021? We take a look at what people are purchasing and searching for on the web so you can get your car road trip-ready.

We’re coming out of the pandemic, and it feels like people are gearing up for the summer of a lifetime. Yes, travelling abroad is probably not on the cards for many of us – but that’s all the more reason to kit your car out with the latest accessories, to get on the UK roads, and to explore some of the amazing places this country has to offer.

Celsus is one of the top car accessory stores in the UK and Europe, so we have the actual lowdown of what car accessories and equipment car lovers are purchasing right now.

Whether its audio equipment for blasting those road trip bangers, or dashcams that deliver peace of mind as you navigate your way from the Purbeck hills to the Pembrokeshire coastline, our list of the hottest car accessories and equipment of 2021 is sure to get you falling in love with your car – and your home turf – all over again.

1. Caliber DAB Digital Car Radio with Bluetooth and Aux

Caliber DAB Digital Car Radio with Bluetooth and Aux

Why limit yourself to local radio when you can tune into top digital stations like Capital Radio, Kisstory, and Absolute Radio? These days it’s super-easy to swap out your ancient analogue system for DAB. Not all cars (think VW Polo) have a set up compatible with standard radio head units, so you may need to replace the fascia before you install your new DAB head unit.

We’ve spotted that people are all over the Caliber retro-styled digital car radio. Not only does it give you the full flavour DAB experience, you can plug in your Spotify, and hook up your Bluetooth for hands-free calling – probably required for all that low-key post-exploring boasting you’ll be doing.

2. Celsus DAB/FM/AM Roof Antenna


Okay – we admit – this may not be the most exciting car accessory for our 2021 list but it’s necessary, especially if you’re looking to purchase our top pick – the DAB radio. And even if you’re not looking to swap out your FM head unit for a DAB one, you’ll be surprised at how wear and tear can affect the performance of your factory-fitted antenna.

So whether you’re fed up of a flittering FM signal, or want to pick up those car dance-ready DAB waves, the Celsus Digital Radio AM and FM roof antenna is a great accessory for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade their car audio system.  

3. Car Bin with Waterproof Lining


It’s a given – a road trip isn’t a road trip without car snacks. But whether you're one to raid the sweets and crisps sections of your local supermarket, or you go for a full Big Mac Meal and Mozzarella Sticks at a McDonalds drive through, you’ll need somewhere to put all of your rubbish to avoid that ‘we all know a friend who has a car like this’ meme situation.

Auto Store actually do a really handy waterproof car bin that you can hang on the back of your head rest – so both crisp packets and empty cans are catered for. The bin is also ergonomically sound – you can pull out the rubbish bin and wash it, and thanks to the velcro lid, you can keep all of your rubbish – and its smells – secure inside.

4. Rear Parking Sensors with Buzzers

Rear Parking Sensors with Buzzers

Parallel parking is a challenge at the best of times – even when you’ve got two car lengths' worth of space to weave your way in, there’s always that paranoia that you’re going to reverse just that bit too far. The good news is you no longer need to purchase a modern car to benefit from the comforting buzz of rear parking sensors.

Our Rear Parking Sensors with Buzzers have been receiving a lot of interest in 2021. Coming with a 22mm drill bit, we’ve made sure our rear parking sensors can be installed by the average car owner – like you! They come in matt black, but can be coated with your car colour, and you can even adjust their buzzer volume so you don’t get a nasty shock if you do get a bit too close.

5. Dynaliner ¼

Dynaliner ¼

Insulation material is one of the best selling car accessories of 2021? You bet! In 2019 – pre-pandemic – 21,000 people in the UK registered their van as a dwelling. This figure is set to rise as more people take to transforming old long wheel base vans into road trip-worthy home from homes. But what’s so special about Dynaliner?

Dynaliner is one of the top-selling insulative material products from the Dynamat brand. Not only is it ultra-light weight (when you’re thinking of installing woodburning stoves, beds, and seating areas in your van you need to keep weight low where you can), it’s super-insulative when it comes to temperature and sound, so no roaring engine when you’re trying to take a nap in your cosy road bed.

6. Kicker Key 500W Monoblock Smart Amplifier

Kicker Key 500W Monoblock Smart Amplifier

You’ve installed your new DAB head unit that allows you to play your favourite Spotify playlists – now it’s time to look at an amplifier that’ll add richness to those tinny high notes and depth to those low bass beats. The Kicker Monoblock Smart Amplifier is a clever cookie – it uses AI-driven digital signal processing to automatically fix blips in the bass signal, giving you a clean, even bass.  

Make sure your speakers can handle the output of the amplifier before you purchase it – the last thing you want to do is to blow up your speakers. Kicker actually recommends investing in one of its enclosures for the complete deep bass experience. These are available from £230 but are well worth the additional outlay – especially if you want to give your favourite tracks the sound they really deserve.

7. Lithium Jump Starter Pack


The fear – getting back to your car, turning the key, and hearing the pathetic choking noise of an engine that just won’t start. We get the appeal of older cars – and indeed, converting an old Citroen long wheeler that took its first spin back when the Spice Girls released Wannabe in 1996 – but that does mean you’re leaving yourself right open to the old battery giving up the ghost.

Thankfully, another top car accessory for 2021 is the Ring Automotive  Lithium Jump Starter Pack. It’s small, powerful, and extremely simple to use, so you don’t need to rely on the kindliness of a passing motorist who just so happens to have jump leads in their boot to get you on the road again. Even better, safety technology means you won’t be giving yourself a jump instead.

8. Caliber 3.0MP Front & Rear Dash Camera

Caliber 3.0MP Front & Rear Dash Camera

Dash cams have been the hot car accessory for several years – in fact, in 2019, 36.1 million dash cameras were sold. And who can blame people? Anyone who’s ever come out the wrong side of an insurance claim, or who's been caught out by a tailgater, will undoubtedly be grateful for their existence. And to make them even more attractive – they can double up as rear view parking aids.

The Caliber 3.0MP Front & Rear Dash Camera is one of our most popular products. It comes with a 140 degree wide-angled lens, and motion detection, so it starts recording when someone walks towards your parked vehicle. Other features include forward collision and lane departure warning systems – so it keeps you driving safe, too.

Best car accessories and equipment 2021: the roundup

According to our research, the most popular car accessories for 2021 are:

  1. Caliber DAB Digital Car Radio with Bluetooth and Aux
  2. Celsus DAB/FM/AM Roof Antenna
  3. Auto Store Car Bin with Waterproof Lining
  4. Celsus Rear Parking Sensors with Buzzers
  5. Dynaliner ¼ Insulation
  6. Kicker Key 500W Monoblock Smart Amplifier
  7. Ring Automotive Lithium Jump Starter Pack
  8. Caliber 3.0MP Front & Rear Dash Camera

Celsus is the one-stop-shop for car accessories and equipment, so why not browse our full range? You can even use our product finder to discover car accessories that are specifically compatible with your vehicle. Who said upgrading your car had to be exhausting?