Marine Head Unit and Speaker Packages : The Easiest Way to Upgrade your Boat Sound System

Upgrading your marine audio is a little daunting – it’s never as simple as replacing a head unit and choosing some speakers. You need to ensure that the speakers you have are optimised for the power emitted from your head unit. And if you want to add amplifiers into the mix, then you’ll need to ensure the speakers that you purchase are built to handle the increase in power, otherwise they will bust.

Now that the summer season is coming to an end and boat owners are looking into making winter improvements, replacing your head unit and speakers is one of the easiest ways to refresh your boat for the next season. And thanks to our head unit and speaker packages, this is now an even easier thing to do. We tell you a bit about our popular head unit and speaker packages below.

The best budget-friendly boat head unit and speaker package

If you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg on your boat head unit and speaker upgrade, then check out the Kicker Audio KMC2 with 4” Coaxial Speakers package. The head unit itself comes with AM and FM radio, plus the option to connect your phone so you can play your favourite playlists from Spotify.

The speakers included in the package are Kicker’s 4” marine speakers. These are optimised for the built-in amplifier found in the KMC2 head unit and will therefore offer warm, balanced sound. We also stock the same package with a 6” speaker option for those with boats requiring bigger speakers.

Kicker Audio KMC2 boat speaker package

The best mid-range boat head unit and speaker package

For a more advanced head unit and speaker system, take a look at the Kicker Audio KMC4 with 6.5” Coaxial Speakers package. With a full colour flat screen and option to connect your phone for access to your Spotify playlists, it offers a smooth user experience. Add to that multi-zone functionality, and you have complete control over how your music is played in different areas of your boat.

This package makes it super easy for you to upgrade your whole sound system, thanks to the option to add an amplifier and subwoofer.  The speakers that come with the head unit plug directly into the head unit’s built-in amplifier, making for simple installation. And if you want to bring that party vibe to your boat, you can even opt for the LED version of the speakers.


The best top-tier boat head unit and speaker package

If you really want to push the boat out – so to speak – then the JL AudioMaster MM50 is definitely the head unit and speaker package for you. The head unit in this package really takes features to the next level, thanks to Bluetooth, multi-zone functionality, a 4 channel amplifier, and pre-amp outputs to create completely independent speaker zones.

Included in the package is a pair of 6.5” JL Audio Marine M3 Series speakers. These speakers connect directly with the head unit’s built-in amplifier, so they’re completely optimised to the head unit’s power output – and you’ll really notice the sound quality because of it!


Celsus is a leading provider in marine head units and speakers

Celsus is one of the UK’s top stockists of marine head units and speakers. All of our products are built with the marine environment in mind and therefore hold strong against rough weather and the harsh, salty environment. Don’t see the head unit or speakers you require on this page? Why not take a look at our full range of boat speakers?