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AM/FM Extension With Power - Fakra Female to DIN Male - 5 Metres

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Fitting a replacement antenna to a vehicle can be difficult, although there are various standards around manufacturers can use them differently and sometimes even ignore them altogether. For this reason we have a range extension and adaptor cables to help make your antenna install as easy as possible.

This adaptor will convert a white male Fakra connection to a male DIN type and is 5m in length.

Used with the following antennas:
Shark fins
ANC7677810 (AM/FM, DAB & GPS)
ANC7677815 (AM/FM & DAB)
ANC7677825 (AM/FM & GPS)
ANC7677830 (AM/FM)
ANC7727082 (AM/FM & DVB-T)
ANC7727083 (AM/FM, GPS & DVB-T)

Roof mount whips
ANC7677840 (AM/FM, DAB & GPS) long whip
ANC7677845 (AM/FM, DAB & GPS) short whip
ANC7677850 (AM/FM & DAB) long whip
ANC7677855 (AM/FM & DAB) short whip
ANC7677872 (AM/FM) Phantom fed
ANC7677874 (AM/FM) dedicated feed
ANC7677876 (AM/FM) anti-theft, phantom fed
ANC7677882 (AM/FM) low angle, passive

More Information
FeaturesSeparate Power Feed
Connection Type (From)Fakra (F)
Connection Type (To)DIN (M)
Cable TypeCoaxial
Cable Length (m)5.0
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