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Alpine 16pin WHITE Head-Unit adaptor lead - 22mm x 9mm

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This lead fits the following head-units:
7228/7513L/M/7513 R/7514L/M/7515/7515 R/7517/7521/7521 R/7523/7543 M/7755 R/7804 M/7805 M 7806/7807/7807 R/7816/7817LM/7818/7834/7878 R/CDA 7842/7850/7852/7944 R/7998/CDE 228/7820 7853 R/7860 R/9802 RB/CVA 1004 R/CDM 7835 R/7838 R/7859 RB/7861 R/7872 RB/9803 RR/TDA 7561 7562/7570/7572 R/TDE 7823 W/TDM 7522 M/7533 M/7554 R/7555 R/7574 RM/7574/7575 RB/7580 RM 7581 RB/9505 B/INA 033/N 333 R/334 R

Aftermarket headunits usually come with an adaptor lead to allow them to connect to any standard ISO plug. From time to time these get damaged or lost when installing or moving the stereo meaning they can't be installed as normal. The good news is, we've got your back!

Our aftermarket headunit leads are available for a wide range of top stereo makes out there with this particular lead fitting Alpine stereos.

These leads are often similar with only slight differences in the connector, so it is best practice to check the socket on the back of the stereo and pick the lead based on this. You need 5 pieces of information:

  • The manufacturer of the stereo
  • The number of pins in the socket on the back of the stereo
  • The height of the socket
  • The width of the socket
  • The colour of the outside edge of the socket

Using this information have a look at our various headunit leads (all start AHU) and you should be able to find a lead that works with your stereo.

More Information
Height (cm)0.9
Width (cm)2.2
Depth (cm)1.5
Cable Length (m)0.15

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