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Marine Vacuum Mounts

As years have passed our demand for and reliance upon convenience in general has increased. This is mirrored in the leisure marine channel with new boats coming out equipped with more technology and accessories that benefit us when at the helm or on-board as crew. Being able to add further accessories to your boat as and when you need them is a luxury that has until now been difficult if not impossible to achieve. With the use of innovative vacuum mount technology from U.S brand SeaSucker boaters can temporarily install equipment to increase safety, function and accessibility. Using this high performance vacuum mount equipment gives you total flexibility when fishing or entertaining as well as peace of mind when storing expensive personal items. No need for a permanent fixture means no drilling holes in your precious boat and the ability to move the attached accessory to the part of the boat where you need at that point in time. Over-engineered and designed specifically for the harsh marine environment these products can hold extreme weight and are tested to exacting standards. Categorised into four groups; Utility, Holders, Racks and Mounts - there is solution for all needs whether your passion lies in boating, boarding, angling or diving.

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