How Sound Damping Will Step Up Your Audio Game

You probably associate sound damping with making things quieter, and normally this is the case! However when it comes to audio this isn’t quite the case...

Sound damping has been used in vehicles for years, particularly in the classic car segment as these cars tend to have very little sound proofing to begin with. But these products are actually used in car audio setups all over the world too, and here’s why: it’s important to use sound damping around anywhere with speakers as they have many characteristics that contribute to better sound! Not only do they reduce road noise, they stiffen up door panels, reducing vibration by turning it into silent energy which in turn reduces distortion of the speaker resulting in cleaner, punchier sound. It can also be used in subwoofer applications to generate more responsive, harder hitting bass than before. Due to the reduced distortion your speakers will actually be louder too, which is hard to believe from just a sheet of sound damping but this is really the case!

So by this point you’re probably considering getting some for your ride, right? Well if you are, there’s only one brand you’ll want to choose; Dynamat. Dynamat XTREME uses patented technology backed by constant research and development over years and years to produce the best sound damping in the industry. Other benefits of Dynamat XTREME include: its odour free, no dripping and no adhesion failure! There’s a reason they’re the best in the business!

This is why in all our speaker upgrade kits we supply two door panel sheets of Dynamat XTREME to go with it, this product is worth every penny in our opinion as it takes the speakers to the next level and allows them to be so much more dialled than without it. The sheets are really easy to install, we supply a roller to apply it and the sheet can be cut/trimmed with ease using either scissors or a blade.

To view our full range of speaker upgrade kits click here, we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are with them!