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Digital Radio (DAB) & AM/FM roof mount
Digital Radio (DAB) & AM/FM roof mount

(Reference: AN102118040)

DAB & Radio high performance Antenna with extensions

Active Antenna for Digital Audio Broadcasting (D.A.B.) and radio AM/FM reception

- Active and low noise DAB receiving (B III, L Band)
- Active and low noise AM/FM receiving; 12 V amplifier supply via
coaxial cable of radio or separate DIN connector option
- Low wind noise antenna rod
- Small installation depth (15 mm)
- Easy fit - only one hole for 2 functions

AM/FM Cable Length - 4.3M (Fakra M Connector)
DAB Cable Length - 5M (SMB F Connector)
POWER: Phantom feed OR +12 separate connection (cable not supplied)

£99.99 inc VAT