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Micro Thunder 160W 4 Channel Class A/B Full Range Amplifier
Micro Thunder 160W 4 Channel Class A/B Full Range Amplifier

(Reference: MTXRT50.4M)

This amplifier is designed to be the easiest way to upgrade your OEM system to a real powerful MTX Audio system. It is almost plug and play and thanks to its size and extremely low temperature this amplifier can basically be fit anywhere you want it or where there is space for it.

- CEA RMS Power: 4x 40W @ 4 Ohms, THD+N 1%
- Signal-to-Noise Ratio (1 watt) : > 90dB
- THD + Noise (Distortion) (1 watt): ? 1%
- Frequency Response (1dB): 20Hz-30000Hz
- Maximum Input Signal: 6V
- Maximum Sensitivity: 100mV
- High level inputs: ISO connector
- Low level inputs: RCA connector
- Speaker outputs: ISO connector
- Dimensions: 244 x 120 x 52mm

Features :
- 4-Channel Class-AB Amplifier
- Small size fits everywhere (under the seat, dashboard, carpet or in the glove box)
- ISO connexions (Speaker input, speakers output) to the head unit
- Low level inputs (RCA)
- Automatic remote or cable remote
- Aluminium heat-sink for perfect heat dissipation
- No need to cut any car wires
- Super-fast installation, can be installed in 20 minutes
- Powerful High quality sound

The "Micro" THUNDER amps are designed for easy installation in any car. They are small enough to be hidden in a glove box, under the carpet or under the seat. No need to cut any original car wire. The original ISO connectors from the car radio are used to connect these real powerful and musical amps that will drive your speakers the best way... More bass, clear mids, excellent highs, better cone control, MORE MUSIC... Micro THUNDER amps reach the target with just 15 minutes of installation time.

Quick and easy to install, high quality construction, hi-fi sound, harnesses included

£199.99 inc VAT