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BMW Flatline Woofer System
BMW Flatline Woofer System

Vehicle Fitment
BMW 1 Series (E8X) 2004-2014
BMW 3 Series (E9X) 2006-2013
BMW 3 Series (F3X) 2012>
BMW 5 Series (F1X) 2010-2016
BMW X6 (E71) 2008-2014

(Reference: JE9-15100)

Flatline Subwoofer System

Jehnert, German OE upgrade experts, offer unique high-end door builds and systems for a wide range of vehicles. Top level craftsmanship provides the best acoustic solution whilst retaining the original look of the vehicle's interior. Each Jehnert system provides a massive upgrade, with the highest quality materials utilised, we always say if you are lucky enough to have a car that there is a Jehnert solution for - don't hesitate!

For the best sounding system use Jehnert speakers that are specifically designed for each build.

This unique Jehnert flat-line woofer system is for installation under the driver and passenger's seat. This kit allows for the original optics to remain unchanged. The car specific adaptors allow for the original mounting positions to be retained and enables crossovers to be added to the car. This powerful 3-way sound system provides excellent sound quality and a passive or semi-active actuation is possible.

The kit includes the following:
2 x 200mm Jehnert Flat-Line woofers (1 per side) with inner neodymium-magnet driver and mounting adapter
2 x 100mm High-end midrange drivers (1 per side) with mounting adapter
2 x 26mm Neodymium Soft dome tweeters (1 per side) for installation in the mirror triangle
3-way crossover

This kit fits the following BMW models:
BMW 1 E81/E82/E87/E88
BMW 3 E90/E91/E92/E93/F30
BMW 5 F10/F11

Installation of the Flatline woofer is in the original housing under driver's / co-driver's seat. You will need to remove the seat as they are under the carpet in the vehicle.

Installation of midrange in the original place in the car door

TIP for the tweeter-installation:
There are two different original mirror triangles - with or without "prepared installation".
With "prepared installation": Only insert the tweeter in the given cut-out.
Without "prepared installation": The tweeter has to be adapted in the mirror triangle (cut-out), alternatively the mirror triangles with a "prepared tweeter installation" are available at your BMW dealer.

£399.00 inc VAT